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J D Peace Cars Approved Dealership

Professional Car Valet

Why choose us over the rest?

• We clean cars as if they were our own
• We pay amazing attention to detail
• The quality is high and the price is low

After your house, your car is usually the second biggest investment you’ll ever make. So isn’t it sensible to look after your investment? Look in any guide and you’ll see the price difference between poor and excellent condition cars.
Valet services, and regular cleaning can help keep your car in excellent condition; it’s not an expense, it's a long term investment for you and your car.
Valeting is not "just a good clean", valeting increases the value of your vehicle. Having regular valets keeps your car looking good for you, helping to hold its value for resale.
Having a special valet before you sell your car is recommended, but if you have a regular plan the cost of a valet pre-sale will be greatly reduced. So basically, why not keep your car in first class condition while you own it all year around. Contact us for our care packages.

Car Valet Available at J D Peace Cars